As many as 92 bird species inhabit the archipelago of Los Roques, of which 50 are migratory. The most common marine bird species are pelicans, seagulls, brown sula and frigate birds.
On the island of Los Canquises there is a large colony of pink flamingos and it is forbidden to come close to this island, even by boat, so as not to disturb them.
There are also many sea turtles - of the 6 Caribbean species, 4 are indigenous to Los Roques. At the biological study centre of Dos Mosquises the turtles are raised and released in order to safeguard the continuation of the species and it is possible to visit the centre to see the turtles at various stages of growth, up to two years.
As for terrestrial species, these are few in number, the reason being the desert-like nature of the islands. The most numerous species are reptiles such as iguanas, "guaripete" or black lizard, which eats the fruit of the cactus, and insect-eating lizards such as the salamander.
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