In Los Roques the trade winds blow constantly with varying intensity according to the season: around 15 to 20 knots between August and December and 20 to 25 knots between Jannauary and July
Whilst on the continent summer is the rainy season, in Los Roques it hardly ever rains - thanks to an unusual atmospheric phenomenon, any bad weather clears up before it arrives as far as Los Roques.
The most rainy period is from end of October to beginning of December, but even then rainy spells are few and brief. Another unusual characteristic of Los Roques is the absence of hurricanes. Whilst in other parts of the Caribbean, during the summer one needs to pay attention to the weather report, yachts touring the Antilles often come to this archipelago to seek refuge. The average air temperature fluctuates between a low of 26,2 degrees in January and a high of 28,2 degrees in September. The water temperature varies from 29 degrees at the surface to 25 degrees in deep water.

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