Pictures and features of posadas

Gran Roque map

Gran Roque is the largest island in the archipelago and the only one that is not completely flat.
About one thousand people live in Los Roques.
In the village basic public services are provided: an airstrip, a medical centre, a primary school, a water makerand and a power station. You can also find also some basic services for tourists: five diving centres, a few restaurants, a couple of bars and some souvenir shops.

Posadas are the only possible tourist accommodation in Gran Roque. They are simple family-run houses comprising 4/5 rooms, one open kitchen, one dining room and/or patio. The style is very simple but charming utilising mainly local furniture and ceramicware. Posadas are painted in vivid colours which create a permanent ìfiestaî atmosphere.
The guests can explore the islands around Gran Roque with local motor boats sometimes included in the package.