Faq - Frequent Asked Questions

What must I pay arriving in Venezuela?
- The aeroportual tax for Los Roques is 30 Bs ( 5 €, at Caracas' ceck-in)
- the Los Roques Park foreign tax is 110 Bs (19 €, at Gran Roques "airport")
- the venezuelan exit tax is 150 Bs.

Where is better to change bolivares?
At the airport of Caracas, in the change; in Los Roques there is a little bank too. It is better not to change a lot because it is often possible to pay in dollars.

How much is the exchange rate?
In January 2010 was 1€ = 6,4 bolivares
1$= 4,6 Bs

Is it possible to get a connection flight for Los Roques, without a night stop in Caracas?
The last flight for Los Roques at 17. During the summer when most of flight from Europe arrives around 14, in theory is possible to catch the Los Roques afternoon flight. Unfortunately sometimes the airlines cancel the afternoon flight and during peak season could be problematic to get a seat on the flight the following morning. Bluestar airlines is more "familiar",they wait as soon as possible or take you on the day after with the same voucher.

Which is the maximum baggage wight allowance on the flight for Los Roques?
10 kg. Some flexibility is given to scuba divers. Extra baggage is charged and sometimes carried on the following flights.

Is it possible to sail to Los Roques?
No, the crossing is very rough and long, therefore even the sailing boats resident in Los Roques come to the coast very seldom. There is no ferry.